Big streaming numbers for Sony Music in the first nine months of 2017

Sony Music posted recorded music revenue of 303.65 billion yen ($2.7 billion) in the first nine months of 2017. Streaming was responsible for 43% of that nine-month total, or 129.23 billion yen ($1.1 billion). The streaming share is up 37.2% on-year for the major label. In just the third quarter, the total revenue for the label rose 21.6% on year to 109.18 billion yen ($984 million). Nearly half (49%) of the revenue was from streaming.

Download revenue for the quarter fell 10.2% on-year to 12.3 billion yen ($111 million). Physical format revenue also dropped 10% to 27.59 billion yen ($249 million).

Anna Washenko

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