BetterHelp top podcast advertiser in June; three newcomers in top 15 (Magellan AI)

Online therapy service BetterHelp topped Magellan AI’s monthly list of top advertisers of June. BetterHelp was the biggest spender the previous two months as well.

There is a similar stability in podcast ad-spend ranking that exists in podcast show and network rankers — not much change in the top ranks. Below we’ve compared the Magellan lists for April, May, and June:

The green highlights indicate companies that appeared in the April and June lists, but not May. Blue is unique to May; yellow is unique to June. All the un-highlighted companies appear in the top 15 spenders of all three months.

Magellan has something new in this month’s report: a 12-month animated visualization of top podcast spenders — a must-see, it is HERE. BetterHelp reigns with impressive dominance, presumably taking advantage of mental well-being needs during Covid.


Brad Hill