BetterHelp atop podcast advertiser list; Samsung jumps in. (Magellan AI)

Podcast media planning platform Magellan AI is out with its monthly top 15 podcast advertisers, and the “Movers & Shakers” list of top increased spends. This edition is for the month of April. (See the lists HERE.)

BetterHelp, the online counseling service well known to frequent podcast listeners, was the #1 podcast advertiser according to Magellan, spending $4.1-million across 520 shows, mainly in the Society & Culture category. That spend was about twice as much as the #2 list entrant, ZipRecruiter — Zip advertises mainly in News podcasts, and was detected in 185 podcasts.

The monthly Movers & Shakers list compares April spend with March spend, and is ranked by total spend primarily. Atop this ranking is Samsung, which spent zero in March. The electronics company invested $1.4-million in podcast marketing in April — Magellan credits this sudden deep dive to a prediction from the National Redtail Federation that $2.2-billion would be spent on electronics for Mother’s Day. Another point of detail: Of 78 brands which mentioned Mother’s Day in their podcast ads, Samsung had the most ads detected.

Other advertisers which spent nothing on podcasts in March, but landed on the Movers & Shakers list for April, are Skylight Frame, Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar, Roy Rogers Restaurant, and Liv by Advantia. Womply, the PPP-enabling company, spent more than others on this list in March — $115,000, which grew to a million dollars in April. (We can recite their copy by heart.)

Magellan will present the April lists in a webinar tomorrow (Tuesday, May 25) at 11am ET. This monthly explanatory is quick, informative, and usually hosted by co-founder Cameron Hendrix. Register free HERE.


Brad Hill