Better Help continues dominating in monthly podcast ad spend (Magellan AI, July ranker)

In Magellan AI’s reckoning of the top podcast advertisers (by spend) in July, we see a lot of repetition from previous months. Eleven of the top 15 in previous month June landed on the July list again. And in June, seven of Aprils’ top advertisers were the same. (See the chart below.)

Not represented in the chart below, six of the top 15 advertisers in April appear on the July list as well.

BetterHelp (an online counseling and therapy service) doesn’t merely top the list month over month (in our records going back to early 2021), it does so with mighty monthly investments in podcasting compared to others. The June spend was $9.2-million. Amazon, ranking #2 on the spend list, invested $5.9-million in podcast marketing. Every company on the July list spent at least $1.7-million.

(See the source HERE.)

Brad Hill