Belgium joins the rising tide of streaming growth in H1 2016

belgium-flag-canvasStreaming revenue nearly doubled in Belgium, compared to a year ago.

Belgium’s trade association has released H1 2016 data, joining the roster of nations with music industry growth on the back of improving streaming performance. The overall market grew 6.5% in the period, reaching revenue of €52.93 million. Streaming secured €17.9 million in the six-month period, compared with €9.8 million in revenue from the year-ago period. It now accounts for 34% of Belgium’s music sales. CD sales fell 13% to €23.83 million, and downloads dropped 17.5% to €7.94 million.

Olivier Maeterlinck, director of trade group BEA, said that premium streaming is projected to eventually exceed CD sales. Many other nations have already seen streaming contribute the lion’s share of digital revenue, and in some cases of the entire music economy.

Anna Washenko