BBC to invest in online children’s programming

The BBC has released its annual plan for 2017-2018. The broadcaster’s budget includes a large investment in children’s programming. It is putting £34 million ($44 million) into BBC Children over the next three years. That money will fund several projects for young audience members, including an enhanced online program with new forms of content and interactivity. In 2015, the BBC announced plans to prepare for an Internet-only future. The digital focus for children’s programming likely falls in line with that road map’s vision.

“The new funding we’ve announced today for our Children’s services – the biggest investment for a generation – will help us ensure we can maintain our reputation for world-class programmes across our linear channels, but also increasingly offer a personalised online offering for our younger viewers,” BBC Director-General Tony Hall said. “By keeping our focus on our audiences we’ll be best placed to meet the challenges ahead of us and will ensure the BBC of 2022 continues to serves the whole of the UK.”

The three-year strategy and work plan also included notes about personalization. The broadcaster said it will be making efforts to make its content available “across all BBC services, powered by sophisticated, intelligent search.”

Anna Washenko