Bauer Media agrees to acquire Finland’s Mediatakojat OY radio group

In a notice sent out today, Bauer Media Audio is announcing an agreement to acquire Mediatakojat OY. (OY is a Finnish abbreviation for a limited company.) With the acquisition, Mediatakoja’s radio licenses will be transferred to Bauer Media, and it will strengthen Bauer Media’s position as Finland’s market-leader, and the home of what Bauer calls a “diverse range” of radio stations.

Bauer Media Audio and Mediatakojat have been cooperating regionally and in sales for some time. Mediatakojat started as a local radio company in Pori, and has grown in recent years, expanding its operations to a total of eight cities.

At the beginning of 2020, Mediatakojat launched two new radio stations, Kasari and Ysäri, in collaboration with Bauer Media Audio. Bauer notes that in the first year of operation the stations have performed well “fit in perfectly with Bauer Media Audio’s portfolio in terms of both content and listener profile, strengthening the position of the market leader in commercial radio operations, especially among listeners aged 25-54.”

Paul Keenan, President, Bauer Media Audio comments, “This acquisition will build on the innovation we have driven in digital audio. This includes the launch of two new radio stations, Kasari and Ysäri in cooperation with Mediatakojat, both of which strengthens our position as a pioneer in the Finnish audio business”.


Brad Hill