Backbone Networks launches Backbone Talk, cloud-based phone-in solution for streaming talk

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Paul Kamp, VP of Business Development at Backbone Networks, notified RAIN that his company has released Backbone Talk, a lightweight solution to taking call-in talk programs out of the studio.

Backbone Networks provides streaming solution for online radio, with a specialty in talk programming. Call-in programs traditionally have limited mobility because it’s difficult to take a phone hookup into the community for remote programming. Backbone Talk enables call-ins, and the only required equipment for the streaming station is a Macintosh computer.

“Our cloud based Backbone Talk phone service enables stations to get out of the studio and take their show on the road, just like our Backbone Radio product does for general radio broadcasting,” Kamp told RAIN News.

The press release includes testimonials from three online stations already using Backbone Talk with good results.

Brad Hill


  1. The cloud-based phone service, which Backbone recently launched, is a true asset for a school based radio station. Our middle school students are able to participate in live call-in radio talk shows, using only the internet and student Mac computers.

  2. With all the millions of PCs out there, they release this first on a Mac? Inquiring minds want to know why when so many of us that do phone-ins use a PC

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