Steve Goldstein: Belt-tightening will be good for podcasting

by Steve Goldstein

There is a lot of chatter about the new era of “efficiency” in business today, says guest columnist Steve Goldstein. “Going forward, the podcast business will be scrutinizing everything more closely,” he notes. Good? Bad? Goldstein observes a shift to quality over quantity. Click for more. Continue Reading

Steve Goldstein: Steve Pratt thinks most podcast marketing is wrong

by Steve Goldstein

In this latest installment of the Amplifi Media blog, Steve Goldstein interviews Steve Pratt, the founder and ex-CEO of Pacific Content. The conversation vectors into branded podcasts, naturally, as both Steves have a long history producing that format. Click through to read the whole thing, including the marshmallow test and a legenday John Houseman ad. Continue Reading

Steve Goldstein: Podcasting is doing fine; thank you

by Steve Goldstein

In the latest guest column from Steve Goldstein, he observes the more things change, the more they remain the same. Contrary to shaded scenarios currently in vogue, podcasting is “a healthy, but maturing and evolving business,” according to Steve. Less spaghetti thrown against the wall, please, and more rigor. It’s a good read. Continue Reading

Steve Goldstein: What I Learned Teaching a NYU Course About Podcasting

by Steve Goldstein

In the latest guest column from Steve Goldstein, he describes the experience of guest-lecturing a media class at NYU, with industry guests as expert panelists. Steve discovered that the class was savvy about the challenge of success in podcasting. “Not everyone thinks podcasting is a road to riches.” And the students were incredulous that the music business has not figured out licensing for podcasts. Continue Reading

Steve Goldstein: This Undeniable Trend Should Frighten Every Talk Radio Station

by Steve Goldstein

In the latest guest column from Steve Goldstein, he cites Edison Research indicating that spoken word’s share of all audio listening continues to rise. That’s good news, according to Steve, but the breakdown is troubling for talk radio stations. “Talk radio needs to think beyond the transmitter.” Click through for more metrics and graphics. Continue Reading

Steve Goldstein: Ask These 9 Questions to Determine Whether Your Business Should Have a Branded Podcast

by Steve Goldstein

Guest columnist Steve Goldstein follows up yesterday’s exploration of why so many branded podcasts fail. Today, a checklist to determine whether your company, or any company, should have a branded podcast. One of them: “Can you think of 10 episode topics?” Continue Reading

Steve Goldstein: Are Local Podcasts the Next Opportunity? The Forecast with Local Media Authority Gordon Borrell

by Steve Goldstein In this guest column, Steve conducts a fascinating (and very frank) interview with Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates. It’s crystal ball time, and Borrell has no sugar coating. “Linear broadcasters or publishers really should be looking at 2031. There is clear data to project what ten years from now will look like… and it does not look good.” This is really about the growth, belated and necessary, of local news coverage in the podcast category. It’s a “massive opportunity” in this conversation. A must-read.
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