How Misunderstandings about Big Numbers Distort the Debate over Songwriter Digital Music Royalties

by David Oxenford

Barely a day goes by without seeing some article about a songwriter whose song was played a million times on a digital music service like Pandora or Spotify, with the artist only receiving a relatively small amount of royalty revenue from that seemingly large number of plays. A number of issues are misunderstood — especially about big numbers. Continue Reading

David Oxenford: Songwriter’s Equity Act Reintroduced — What Does It Propose?

by David Oxenford

Broadcast attorney David Oxenford digs into the Songwriter Equity Act in this comprehensive analysis of proposed legislation. “This is perhaps one of those questions that can never be answered — which is more important, the song or the singer?” Continue Reading

New York Court Finds Public Performance Right in Pre-1972 Recordings; How Will this Affect Music Use?

by David Oxenford

David Oxenford explains potential impacts and consequences of the latest pre-1972 copyright court action. “All music users that play oldies, whether the businesses be digital music services, radio stations, bars and restaurants or retail outlets, need to be carefully following the action in this case.” Continue Reading

David Oxenford: Court Ruling for pre-1972 Music: What Does It Mean?

by David Oxenford

“This is a very surprising decision,” writes broadcast attorney David Oxenford in this comprehensive analysis of a federal court ruling in California. Looking forward, much depends on whether the surprising decision is upheld in appeal, and whather it is replicated in other courtrooms and states. “If this decision were upheld, the potential ramifications for business in California could be great.” Oxenford, who wrote about “The Summer of Copyright” this year, declares the start of what could be an equally contentious new season — “The Autumn of Copyright has begun!” Continue Reading

The Summer of Copyright Part 3: Copyright Office Requests Further Comments

by David Oxenford

In this Part 3 of his Summer of Copyright series, broadcast law attorney David Oxenford writes about a new music licensing comment period established by the U.S. Copyright Office. It is first an opportunity for all stakeholders and interested parties to weigh in. Second, the detailed request for comments illuminates how the Copyright Office seems to be prioritizing possible changes to music licensing. Continue Reading

The Summer of Copyright Part 2: The “Music Bus”

Broadcast law attorney David Oxenford continues his “Summer of Copyright” series with Part 2, covering the second Judiciary Committee hearing of music licensing issues. This extraordinary summary, and identification of key issues, is a must-read. “These are significant issues that affect all of the music industry. And they are issues that are not easily resolved, as many stakeholders have differing and sometimes inconsistent and contradictory positions on these issues.” Continue Reading