Austria to launch DAB+ radio next year with first licenses

Austria will offer its first DAB+ licenses next year. Media authority KommAustria has granted a license for a nationwide multiplex under the digital terrestrial radio platform. Eleven private radio programs are expected to be aired on DAB+ across the country beginning in April, and more are slated to join in the fall.

“We and the radio broadcasters themselves know that DAB+ has never ignited explosively among consumers in any European country, but for the most part has a rather creeping success story,” said Michael Ogris, chairman of KommAustria. “But DAB+ is the way out of the FM radio frequency scarcity in Austria and allows much more program and opinion variety in the radio. Therefore, we have seen the desire from the market for an introduction of DAB+ positive and started a corresponding tender in the spring of 2017.”

Anna Washenko