Audioburst bringing AI audio processing to new in-car project

Audioburst, an audio search platform powered by AI, announced a new deal to bring its technology into cars. The company is working with LGE on a vehicle infotainment system that it plans to unveil at CES in January. The deal relies on Audioburst’s Deep Analysis API for additional metadata categorization, which results in partners being able to better interpret voice commands from consumers. Audioburst creates real-time metadata such as keywords, entities, properties, features, and sentiments for each second of live audio.

“LGE is known for building innovative in-car infotainment systems, and today’s partnership showcases what’s achievable when the brand comes together with Audioburst’s unmatched AI technology to reimagine in-vehicle entertainment like never before” said Assaf Gad, vice president of marketing and partnerships for Audioburst, “We are excited to introduce Audioburst Deep Analysis and collaborate with brands to better understand consumer behavior and listening experiences.”

“Automotive makers are seeking to redefine what in-car infotainment looks like alongside the progression of voice search, in-car personal assistants, and autonomous driving,” said vice president Lee Sang-yong, head of LGE Vehicle Infotainment System Research Lab. “We are excited to lead the charge in developing the new gold standard and be the first to partner with Audioburst’s technology, which we will proudly debut to select partners at CES.”

Anna Washenko