Audioburst adds embeddable short-form audio playlists with Studio

Audioburst announced the launch of a new service that for integrating short-form into websites and apps. The tool, called Audioburst Studio, is a simple way to create an embeddable audio player. The player can be programmed with pre-built playlists of short-form audio or users can create their own selections of clips from talk radio and podcasts. The curated playlists cover a range of topics in sports, news, entertainment, business, and local updates.

In addition, the software-as-a-service platform will provide analytics to its users. The metrics include number of listeners, number of bursts played, listening time, and distribution. The players can be integrated into websites and mobile apps for Android and iOS. The company said it expects to add more integrations for Audioburst Studio, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home skills, in the coming months.

“What we’re doing is democratizing audio — giving website and app owners a way to deploy highly-curated and targeted audio-talk playlists that will provide growth, monetization, and user satisfaction,” said Rachel Batish, vice president of product at Audioburst. “We know end users want more audio content and screen independent experiences, and we see the Audioburst Studio as a particularly beneficial opportunity for those looking to take advantage of this growing market.”

Anna Washenko