audioBoom Studios announces summer lineup of original podcasts

Wait — Pleck Decksetter a rebel?

Podcast company audioBoom has announced its summer slate of original programs, under its audioBoom Studios production arm.

One new show is joined by three returning podcasts. Here’s the lineup:

Covert (debuts May 29, 2018): Enter a world of action and intrigue with the Covert podcast. From Israel’s plot to foil Syria’s nuclear weapons program to the killing of Osama Bin Laden, host Jamie Renell revisits top secret espionage and military operations from around the world. Each Tuesday listeners will hear stories of history’s greatest special forces missions as told by the soldiers, operatives and journalists who experienced them firsthand.

Mission To Zyxx, Season Two (debuts May 30, 2018): After the thrilling and hilarious events of Season One, the crew of the sentient space vessel Bargarean Jade defect from the Alliance to join the rebellion. Mission To Zyxx stars improv talents from the stage and screen as alien denizens of the Zyxx Quadrant. Upcoming guests include comedians Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live) and Nicole Byer (Loosely Exactly Nicole). [RAIN News can hardly imagine Pleck Decksetter as a rebel, and we look forward to Season 2.]

Mafia, Season Two (debuts June 20, 2018): Host Fleet Cooper takes a journey into the underworld of organized crime, exploring the lives of the most notorious criminals in history. Mafia is Audioboom’s most successful original content production to date with over 175,000 listens per episode in its first season. Season Two offers up new tales of vice and ambition, delving into the rise and fall of mobsters like Carmine Galante, Santo Trafficante, and Albert Anastasia.

Deliberations, Season Three (debuts August 1, 2018): The first improvisational courtroom drama to enter the podcast sphere, Deliberations looks at what really happens when a jury retires to deliberate. Season Three explores the shocking overdose of screen legend, Marilyn Monroe. Was it a suicide or murder? Listen in as the jurors weigh the evidence.

AudioBoom was the subject of headlines recently when it withdrew from a planned reverse-takeover merge with Triton Digital. In the regulatory filing which accompanied that announcement, audioBoom noted that it was experiencing financial uncertainty which might wind down the company within weeks. The announcement of summer shows is a hopeful sign.


Brad Hill