Audioboom earns $4.6M in Q1

Audioboom, which trades on the London stock exchange, filed an optional quarterly earnings update (formally called a “Trading Update”) to publicize eye-popping year-over-year financial performance.

In Q1 2019 the London-HQ’d Audioboom earned U.S. $4.6-million, up 180% from the Q1 2018 total of $1.6-million.

That headline is followed by other accomplishments:

  • Brand advertiser count is 178, up 11% quarter-over-quarter and 55% year-over-year.
  • Revenue per 1,000 listens (usually called CPM or eCPM, and is a key indicator of earning efficiency) was $23.77, +67% YoY.
  • Audioboom offered 305-million premium advertising impressions (+28%).
  • The company has $1.7-million cash on hand.

The Audioboom Original Network (AON) signed 10 new shows:

  • Genius Brain
  • You Can Sip With Us
  • What Happened When
  • Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
  • Small Town Dicks
  • The Influencer Podcast
  • What’s good with Rudolph and Minister
  • The Evidence Locker
  • Sunday Vibes: Extra Time
  • Out to Lunch with Jay Rayner

“We are delighted with our start to 2019,” said CEO Rob Proctor. Podcasting is now the growth sector in digital media for brands and broadcasters looking to consolidate or add podcast creation and content to their platforms and we are involved in more content negotiations and commercial opportunities than ever before.”

Brad Hill

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