Audio.Ad launches digital advertising solution across audio, visual, and display with Justmob

Audio.Ad, a specialist in audio for the Hispanic market, announced a partnership with mobile marketing company Justmob. The two businesses have collaborated on a new digital advertising solution called Listen, Watch & Click. The service can connect campaigns for audio, visual, and display formats. Users who are first exposed to an audio commercial on their preferred streaming service are then shown mobile video ads, and then a display ad during their browsing.

The tool got a trial in Brazil with Starbucks. The brand used Listen, Watch & Click to support its Nestlé Starbucks at Home product. The audio ads were heard more than 800,000 times and the video ad was seen by more than 450,000 people.

“We decided to launch a cross-channel solution aimed at agencies and advertisers because we believe that it increases the brand recognition by combining three advertising formats to catch the audience attention,” Audio.Ad Managing Director Carlos Córdoba said. “The metrics obtained in Brazil are a clear example of the effectiveness of combining audio and video on mobile.”

Anna Washenko