Apple Music’s latest exclusives are from Britney Spears and Frank Ocean

britney spears gloryApple Music is slated to get exclusive access to two upcoming releases. Pop singer Britney Spears will make her album Glory an Apple exclusive when it drops on Aug. 26. It is her first project since 2013.

R&B singer Frank Ocean is also going to have an Apple Music exclusive, but the release date is much murkier. His much-anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed Channel Orange was thought to arrive on Aug. 5. But Friday came and went with no developments on the new project, dubbed Boys Don’t Cry. The album is expected to be a two-week exclusive on Apple Music, but no hints have emerged about when that period will begin.

Apple Music has secured several notable releases this year across many genres. Drake’s Views spent twelve weeks at the top of the charts, even with an extended period of exclusivity to the Apple music program. Katy Perry’s single “Rise,” was both an exclusive and a surprise release when it dropped last month; the track features in NBC’s coverage of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janiero.

Anna Washenko