Apple 55%, Google 14%, and other annual metrics from Omny Studios

For International Podcast Day, the Omny Studios blog posted a metrics roundup comparing year-over-year statistics from IPD 2020-2021.

Omny is mainly an enterprise hosting platform which serves podcasts from an international array of major media brands and radio groups. The company lists 57 of them here — they include Midroll, WarnerMedia, FOX News Podcasts, Salem Media Group, Audacy, Cumulus Media, CNN, and Westwood One. Omny Studios is a subsidiary of Triton Digital, which itself is a unit of iHeartMedia.

Onward to the numbers.

Where geographically are Omny podcasts consumed? The following table gives the top 10 countries for 2020 and 2021:

Interesting to see India leaping up 12 slots to #8. Mexico and Germany also newly entered the top 10.

What listening platforms do listeners use? Predictably, Apple and Spotify are in this result, in a proportion that perhaps raises doubt about predictions that Spotify is nearly overtaking Apple.

Apple is whomping Spotify is Omny’s metrics … but we note that Apple’s year-over-year status is nearly flat, while Spotify gained by nearly 100%.

We learn that News and Comedy are the two most popular podcast categories — that result agrees with most others which make this assessment. (We must remember that “Comedy” can include some popular interview shows that might not be funny.)

Of utmost interest, Omny tells us how programmatic ad revenue is divided among podcast categories. Sport shows get the plurality with 17% of that marketing money, while Politics rakes in just 5% programmatically. But the main takeaway, in our view, is that programmatic revue is spread fairly evenly across so many categories.


Brad Hill