Amper Music launches AI music composition service and API partnership with Tencent Music

Amper Music, a company specializing in AI music creation, announced several developments yesterday. Its latest service is Amper Score, an end-to-end platform for music composition by artificial intelligence. This tool helps clients to create custom music fitting their exact needs in style, length, and structure of the composition. The resulting music can be used in podcasts, video soundtracks, or other types of content.

Amper also announced that its API can be integrated into the tools and platforms of third-party companies. QQ Music, the hugely popular Chinese streaming service owned by Tencent Music Entertainment, is the launch partner for Amper’s API.

“As a leading online music entertainment platform in China, QQ Music is constantly looking for ways to utilize the most competitive technologies,” said Dennis Hau, vice president at Tencent Music Entertainment. “In collaboration with Amper and leveraging its advanced technology, we look forward to continue providing more unique and innovative experiences to our users.”

“The decision to partner with QQ Music was a no-brainer,” Amper Music CEO Drew Silverstein said. “They are at the very forefront of the music, media, and entertainment markets, and their staggering reach will bring our AI Composer technology to millions of new users. QQ Music is one step ahead—they clearly understand that diversity and efficiency are the future of content, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with such a forward-thinking company within the digital music space.”

Anna Washenko