Amazon debuts new Echo Show and adds Alexa privacy controls

Amazon released a new version of its display smart speaker as well as new privacy updates to its Alexa voice assistant. On the hardware side, the company launched the Echo Show 5. It has a 5.5-inch display, an HD camera, and a new smart home dashboard rolling out to all Echo Show devices. It also has a built-in camera shutter, which blocks the camera while still leaving the microphone accessible. The Echo Show 5 will retail for $89.99.

Amazon Alexa has also received new updates to reflect other privacy concerns. When the microphone is active, it is constantly listening to the voices around it. All Alexa-enabled devices will now have options to delete their recorded audio files. The commands can either cover the most recent request or an entire day’s logs with the voice skills “Alexa, delete everything I said today” or “Alexa, delete what I just said.”

Anna Washenko