Amazon Alexa gets Ticketmaster partnership and Song ID feature

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant continues to receive new partnerships and new features. One of the latest developments for the platform is a Song ID option. This tool lets the AI voice take on the role of a radio DJ, announcing the name and artist of a track before it plays. This feature could help with music discovery when somebody is listening to a programmed playlist without a screen that can display song metadata. It is an optional feature that can be turned on and off with an Alexa request. For now, Song ID is an exclusive to Amazon Music.

That’s not the only Alexa news. Amazon has entered a partnership with Ticketmaster to allow sales of tickets through the voice AI. This deal can be accessed with several types of voice skills. A user can simply ask Alexa to open Ticketmaster, or can make more specific requests for a tickets on a particular weekend, in a certain city, or for a specific performer or event.

“This new integration with Alexa will offer yet another avenue for fans to access the best live events, allowing them to discover and buy tickets using only their voice,” said Dan Armstrong, Ticketmaster’s SVP and GM of distributed commerce. We’re excited to be working with Amazon Alexa and look forward to seeing fans utilizing it to see the artists, teams, and events they love the most.”

Anna Washenko

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  1. Isn’t this more a “song announcement” feature? It’s not really an ID service like Shazam.

    The SomaFM Alexa app will tell you the name of the song when you are listening to a SomaFM channel and ask “Alexa what song is this?” and I think other streaming apps my do the same thing.

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