Amaze Media Labs launches to create podcasts and events for brands

Three executives have teamed up to launch an agency which will create branded podcasts and branded events, sometimes in combination. Called Amaze Media Labs, the company’s purpose is to connect brands to their audiences “in authentic and meaningful ways.” There will be a specialty on virtual events at first, with the company looking forward to a resumption of in-person gatherings. (Who isn’t?)

The founders are corporate hospitality and experience executives Robert Tuchman and Brett Sklar, and sports marketing executive Stephen Master.

“Amaze Media Labs strategically combines the reach of podcasting with the power and authenticity of the live experience to create captivating content audiences will want to engage with,” said Tuchman. “We are bringing experiential marketing for sports, entertainment, food and wine, health and wellness into the digital age by creating community and connection through transformative stories told digitally.”

The team comes from big business, not from podcast production or publishing. As longtime business partners, Tuchman and Sklar successfully built and sold two Inc. 500 businesses. The pair together headed up TSE Sports and Entertainment (TSE) bought by private equity firm Pfingsten Partners, and Goviva which was acquired by Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Master, who previously came together with Tuchman and Sklar as a part of TSE, is the former head of Nielsen’s Global Sports Group where he created the Nielsen Fanalytics platform providing fan intelligence and insights to major sports properties and brands.

Here’s the company tagline: “With Amaze, audiences become fans, and brands become stars of the show.”

No specifics with this announcement about clients or content. But we find this venture an interesting extension of more specialized branded podcast agencies.


Brad Hill

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