AM/FM promotion of podcasts? Cumulus study shows it works

Cumulus Media has published survey results showing that AM/FM promotes podcasts effectively. The release (available HERE) is double branded by Cumulus Podcast Network and the Cumulus Media/WestwoodOne Audioactive Group.

Three main takeaways are derived from nearly a dozen data-packed slides, documenting the results of the recently conducted Cumulus Podcast Network Promotion Study (conducted by MARU/Matchbox.). That work was fielded to 439 listeners of Cumulus Media Radio stations, AM and FM, OTA and streaming.

Here are those takeaways:

  • AM/FM radio stations are a great place to promote podcasts: The more time spent with AM/FM radio, the greater the engagement, awareness, and interest in podcasts.
  • Advertising podcasts on AM/FM radio works: Those who were exposed more (heavy AM/FM radio listeners) to podcast ads were more likely to consider listening to the advertised podcasts.
  • AM/FM radio streaming is also an excellent platform to promote podcasts: Not surprisingly, those who listen to the streams of AM/FM
    radio stations are even more engaged and interested in podcasts. As such, AM/FM streaming is a powerful platform to promote podcasts.

Some details support those main points. Below, a metrics snapshot of AM/FM listeners who remember hearing promotions for podcasts:

That trend — heavy AM/FM listening leading to better recall of podcasting — holds steady the advertisements and podcast show titled. The Cumulus conclusion: On average, heavy AM/FM radio isteners indicate they are more likely to try listening to advertised podcasts.

Get the deck HERE.

Brad Hill