Podcast ad rates continue to dip in August (Libsyn/AdvertiseCast)

The average cost per thousand (CPM) for podcast ads moved downward in August for the third consecutive month, across all measures of audience size, and the average of them. This according to AdvertiseCast’s monthly tracker. (See it HERE.)

It’s important to note that the month-by-month price movements in this accounting are fairly small. During the entire span represented in the chart below, the average podcast CPM ranged between $21.06 (September 2020) and $25.40 (January 2022) — a 21.6% range of movement over 45 months.

The graph below shows the pricing trends for separated buckets based on campaign size:



For potential marketers, AdvertiseCast provides a pricing calculator that coordinates the reach, number of ad spots desired, and provides an average CPM rate. (HERE)

AdvertiseCast is a subsidiary of LibSyn.

Brad Hill