AdsWizz teams with Frequency to launch “personalized creative” audio campaign

adswizz logo canvasIn an interesting multiple partnership, AdsWizz has hooked up with ad-tech company Frequency to launch a campaign for Terra’s Kitchen on Spotify. Distinguishing this effort are the concepts of “personalized creative” and “dynamic creative.”

The campaign, which includes visual ads in addition to audio ads, dynamically places personalized marketing messages to Spotify users based on time-of-day and location. One example from the press announcement: “The audio ads use location-specific pain points like city traffic to illustrate how much time could be saved with Terra’s Kitchen’s step-by- step recipes.”

AdsWizz is contributing its demand-side buying platform AudioMatic to this activation. “We are excited by Frequency’s innovative platform, and by the ability to dynamically delivercustomized creatives based on criteria like weather, music genre, time of day, and location,” said Alexis van de Wyer, CEO at AdsWizz.

Frequency’s platform is described as a “self-serve creative management platform.” It allows advertisers to create a range of spots that address many demographic, location-based, and time-of-day situations. The idea is to deliver messages personalized to near-realtime situations of listeners. The Terra’s Kitchen campaign with AdsWizz and Spotify is the first activation of Frequency’s product, which is called Dynamic Audio.

“This is an exciting moment for audio advertising.,” said Pete Jimison, CEO and founder of Frequency. “Frequency’s self-serve creative management platform allows advertisers to combine the intimate and immersive nature of the audio space with the benefits of programmatic.”

Brad Hill