AdsWizz shares details from first campaign with its Shake Me smartphone audio ad tech

AdsWizz announced that the first campaign using its Shake Me audio ad format has successfully run. Shake Me is a new digital audio ad format technology designed to encourage mobile listeners to take action without needing to look at the phone. They do so by shaking the phone, or tapping it.

Audio advertising sales company SpotCom partnered with Publicis Media for the campaign, which ran in Germany for client Das Örtliche. In the ads, when listeners were prompted to tap or shake their phones, that action took them to an app download page. The campaign ran across both Android and iOS smartphones. The campaign yielded positive results for the client. The 500,000 audio ad impressions translated to 5,560 shakes for a response rate of 1.12%. That percentage is three times the response rate for a standard mobile display ad.

“We are thrilled our customers are using the Shake MeTM format we developed to successfully deliver more relevant experiences for listeners,” AdsWizz CEO Alexis van de Wyer said. “The creative minds at SpotCom, Publicis, and Das Örtliche see the potential to use this technology to create a better advertiser, publisher, and consumer experience. The audio format has a unique ability to deliver a mobile, personalized and interactive advertising experience that blends with the content. By launching interactive ad formats that don’t rely on a visual interaction, brands can increasingly measure and optimize performance.”

Shake Me allows listeners to engage with an audio ad even while they are carrying out other actions on their mobile device. It also opens up more possible listener responses to an audio spot, such as navigation support from Google Maps or making a phone call to connect with a live operator.

“We are delighted to have carried out the very first German-wide Shake Me campaign with SpotCom,” said Danial Wurl, Das Örtliche’s head of advertising and communication.

Anna Washenko