AdsWizz Audio Attribution Report 2021: Audio advertising effectiveness on par with Facebook display

In a very interesting (and fairly technical) new report from AdsWizz, audio advertising is evangelized in a general way while the company’s audio ad attribution product is explained and promoted. The report is titled¬†AdsWizz Audio Attribution Report 2021, and is derived from a year of testing with 600 audio campaigns that used AdsWizz’s attribution pixels. (Download the free report HERE.)

Attribution has been a blazing-hot keyword in podcast advertising for a couple of years. AdsWizz expands the scope of potential attribution to the entire realm of digital audio advertising. The company introduced its version of audio pixels over a year ago, and has been running beta campaigns.

Audio tracking pixels are at the heart of how attribution works. The result for advertisers is an understanding of how their audio campaigns motivate listeners to take various actions, or conversions, such as visiting a website or putting an item in a shopping cart.

The PDF report devotes several pages providing background on digital audio generally, and the concept and science of attribution pixels. AdsWizz emphasizes that audio advertising should get credit for its conversion power within broad campaigns across multiple mediums: “Built for ‘audio first’ campaigns, audio attribution pixels can track conversions across multiple digital devices, solving for device fragmentation and providing audio the contribution credit it deserves.”

As you might expect, the overall result of case studies is positive performance for global advertisers — that conclusion is the result of 600 audio campaigns studied during the beta period, representing 20 brand verticals.

In one telling note, AdsWizz observes that its product achieved a conversion rate of 4.0% of ad impressions, based on a single action taken by a listener. (If a listener performed multiple actions, such as visiting a website plus adding something to a shopping cart, only the first action contributed to the 4.0% conversion rate.) That rate compares to Facebook display ads,  which achieve an average 4.4% conversion rate. This very interesting comparison is presented in a footnote.

“Cost per action” (CPA) is emphasized — that is how much an advertiser spends to achieve a listener action (conversion). AdsWizz compares CPA for audio advertising and CPA for display advertising (using WordStream for display data) across four categories:

This meaty report contains details of two case studies in fair detail. Again, the deck is free HERE.


Brad Hill