AdsWizz and National Public Media form podcast-specific advertising marketplace

adswizz logo july2016
AdsWizz took advantage of this week’s Podcast Movement conference in Chicago, and the resulting intense focus on podcasting, to announce PodWave — the first podcast-specific advertising marketplace.

National Public Media (NPM), the sponsorship for public radio and television, both traditional and digital, is the launch partner in this venture, and brings years of experience communicating the values of digital media to advertisers and agencies. “NPM has been selling premium podcast sponsorship for NPR for more than a decade.” That’s Bryan Moffett, General Manager. “We have a deep understanding of the podcast marketplace and importantly, the best way to insert podcasts into an advertiser’s media mix.”

No other details are available at this time about growing the supply side of this new marketplace beyond NPM-represented properties. But the vision is to give advertisers a single transaction place for a wide swath of podcasting, to buy at scale. “Through the PodWave network, advertisers can easily achieve targeted scale across a broad slice of the commercial podcast market,” said NPM’s SVP of Spot Sales Jamie Kriegel.

While partly about scale, ad-tech company AdsWizz also brings targeting to the equation. “AdsWizz is excited to bring our ad tech expertise building large audio advertising marketplaces to the podcast market,” said Alexis van de Wyer, AdsWizz CEO. Audience segmenting capability includes location, device, demographics — and, of course, the podcast subject matter, which is by itself a uniquely defining profiler.

Brad Hill