Ad Execs: May was the bottom; up from there

In a survey by Pivotal Research Group as reported by MediaPost, a panel of advertising executives responded with optimism that the Covid-related advertising slump reached its low point in May. That month showed signals of a rebound, according to the study’s coverage.

Methodological details of the study are not disclosed. The survey respondents belong to a private panel assembled by Pivotal.

Analyst Michael Levine is quoted to say, “We think that April increasingly feels like the bottom.” The results are reportedly more optimistic than an earlier survey in which consensus indicated a Q3 rebound.

The key question was about “bottoming out” by month. Fifty-seven percent of respondents said that May was the bottoming month. Furthermore, while 70% of responses said that year-over-year spending decreased in May, only 54% project that will be the case in June, with only 24% expecting YoY decline. (Another 24% expect no change.)

Brad Hill