Acast to monetize podcasts for K-pop specialist DIVE Studios

Acast has entered a new partnership with DIVE Studios, a podcast network centered on K-pop performers. Under this partnership, Acast will offer DIVE Studios monetization services at scale and support advertising on its podcasts.

DIVE Studios is based in Seoul and Los Angeles, with podcasts featuring artists such as Eric Nam, Tablo of Epik High, Jae of Day6, and Jamie Park. Its audience acquisition has largely come from YouTube, and has been successful in reaching many first-time podcast listeners. It also has an international audience, with 38% of its listeners in North America and 36% in Asia.

“Podcasting is so different from other K-pop content out there because it feels more intimate,” DIVE Studios CEO and Co-founder Brian Nam said. “It allows fans to better understand their favorite artists, what they think and the opinions they hold — something fans can’t get through pre existing content, which may often feel overproduced and highly polished.”

“One of the things I love most about podcasting is how incredibly varied it is, allowing creators to reach audiences with so many different interests. Our partnership with DIVE Studios really demonstrates that,” said Veronika Taylor, director of content for Acast. “We’re excited to support their mission to bring exclusive content to a global audience in a new medium.”

Anna Washenko