Acast launches data-driven growth mentoring for its Creator Network podcasts

Podcast hosting and advertising company Acast has added a specialized division to increase audience growth in its Acast Creator Network. Acast is calling it a “growth division,” and has staffed it with employees in the UK, US, and home country Sweden. (Expansion is planned.)

Members of the new growth division will report into their local Creator Network Directors and be supported by a wider insights team — including Mike Wood, Acast’s Director of Audience Development Insights. Acast says the data-driven department will also work closely with Acast’s own product team, growing podcasters’ audiences through the latest advancements in podcast technology. Traditional marketing and best practices for show growth are also included.

Veronika Taylor, Senior Vice President of Acast’s Creator Network noted: “We want to work with the best podcasts and we want to help them grow with data-driven strategies to reach their full potential. The insights we uncover — and the subsequent application of those — will benefit the many thousands of podcasts that are part of our network globally, supporting their discovery, growth, and subsequent successes.”


Brad Hill