ABC News “Start Here” celebrates 1,000 episodes; Brad Mielke shares his pillow prowess

ABC News is celebrating the 1,000th episode of its daily news podcast, Start Here, hosted by veteran audio journalist, Edward R. Murrow award-winner, and RAIN Summit keynoter Brad Mielke. (Listen HERE.)

Start Here is a mobile-equipped production which, not infrequently, goes to where the news is. We have met Brad Mielke at conferences on afternoons when we heard the show in the morning. Mielke spoke on RAIN’s stage on a Start Here show day.

So we asked Brad Mielke to describe the high-tech remote recording unit that travels with him, eager to learn about state-of-the-art mobile electronics.

“I’m very proud of my ability to make a pillow fort when I’m on the road,” the celebrated host told us. “At any hotel I’ve stayed in, you can bet that I have decked out the desk with towels, pillows, and whatever dampeners I can find.”

We are impressed by pillows, and Mielke also described times when pillow tech fails. “Sometimes a fort isn’t an option. When we produced an episode from the U.S. Capitol during impeachment hearings, I had to resort to conducting interviews in an old-timey phone booth. It sounded surprisingly good!”

We look forward to the next 1,000 episodes, and are keen to learn about how Meta might influence remote recording … virtual dust ruffles, we imagine.

RAIN offers sincere congratulations to Brad Mielke and Start Here.


Brad Hill