ABC Audio sets broad slate of end-of-year programming: Radio and on-demand

ABC Audio has released its end-of-year special programming. these shows will be distributed to network radio stations, immediately followed by posting to the ABC New Radio specials podcast feed [HERE]. That feed is currently populated mostly by daily updates.

Long-Form Programs:

  • Playback 2020 is a one-hour special anchored by ABC News correspondents Cheri Preston and Aaron Katersky that takes an in-depth look at the biggest stories of the year.
  • 2020: The Year in Review is a three-hour retrospective about how some of 2020’s top stories unfolded, told through highlights from ABC News Radio’s live breaking news coverage and other special programming. This show also includes interviews with newsmakers and highlights from the award-winning podcast Start Here.
  • Perspective is a special year-end edition of ABC Audio’s weekly newsmagazine and explores the biggest stories of 2020.
  • World News This Year is a special edition of the regular show, World News This Week, and recaps the last 52 weeks of our lives.

Short-Form Series:

  • 2020 in Review looks back at the biggest stories of 2020 including the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, the many angles of COVID-19, the economy, the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the renewed space race.
  • 2020 in Sports features the top sports stories of the year and the athletes behind them including the death of Kobe Bryant, the impact of COVID-19 on sports and the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • 2020 in Entertainment features the year in movies, music, television and celebrity deaths.
  • 2020 in Politics looks at the biggest stories in an explosive year: Impeachment, virtual conventions, the election and more.
  • Tech Trends 2020 explores which technologies succeeded, which ones failed and how technology continues to change our daily lives.
  • Health Trends 2020 features ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton, who discusses the biggest health-related breakthroughs and takeaways from 2020.
  • Law & Justice 2020 In Review features ABC News Chief Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas. Thomas takes a look back at some of the most important and interesting court cases and investigations which involved many members of President Trump’s inner circle, among others.
  • 2020 Year-End Tax Tips is a helpful guide to year-end financial and tax planning.

Brad Hill