Webcast listening steady in June with year-to-date gain

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Webcast listening in June remained nearly flat from May’s numbers, according to Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics Top 20 Ranker, released today. The aggregate of Triton’s top 20 measured clients moved less than one percentage point downward month-over-month.

Mobile listening, which topped 75% for the first time in May, also remained steady at 75.6% for June

In the top five Triton performers, iHeartMedia led the leaders on a percentage basis, gaining six percent over the May report. NOTE: Triton reports that iHeartRadio omitted measurement code from some of its mobile applications in April and May, presumably by accident, artificially lowering the May numbers. That error contributes to the six percent lift in June.

As always, we look at Average Active Sessions (AAS) through the Monday-Sunday, 6:00am to midnight filter, U.S. domestic streams only.

While the month-to-month numbers do not show much movement for June, the month brought seven percent year-to-date gain over January, and a 41% year-over-year gain compared to June, 2014. Spotify, which joined the chart in January, has experienced the most dramatic 2015 percentage growth with 22%. AccuRadio is the year-over-year leader, with a 17% lift from last June.

Pandora, the continual monthly leader in this report by a very wide margin, has been treading water in the AAS sea during 2015, and showed a modest 8% year-over-year rise in listening.

Here is the historical trend chart of the top five leaders:


triton ranker jun2015 leaders


Here is as year-over-year illustration of the Top 20 Triton group, with Spotify added to January, 2015.


triton ranker jun2015 YoY



Brad Hill

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  1. Brad – I’m referring to the comment about a “41% gain year-over-year” in today’s blog. You say in several places that Spotify joined the rankers in January 2015, but I find it a little misleading that you compare June 2015 to June 2014 without adjusting for Spotify’s almost 1,000,000 active sessions. Those numbers are apples and oranges. I’m guessing that adjusted number would still look pretty good, and it would definitely be more appropriate until you get to January 2016 when you can have like-to-like numbers to show the real annual increase. See you in September in Atlanta.

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