Warner Music updates: Topsify founder leaves, public policy exec joins

Warner Music Group announced two personnel developments. First, Kieron Donoghue is leaving the label. The founder of Playlists.net joined Warner in 2014 when a branch of the label acquired his platform. He served as the vice president of global playlists strategy and curation, creating the in-house streaming playlist brand Topsify for Warner during his tenure. He is leaving to work on launching a new venture, but did not share any further details.

The second item for Warner is the hiring of Mark Baker as vice president of public policy and government affairs. In this position, Baker will oversee the label’s public policy positions and initiatives. He will also be the primary liaison between government and regulatory bodies.

“Decisions made today will set the course for the music industry for decades to come,” WMG EVP & General Counsel Paul Robinson and EVP, Communications & Marketing James Steven said of the new hire in a joint statement. “With his extensive global background, Mark will be an outstanding voice for the WMG family at the intersection of the arts, business and government.”

Anna Washenko