Warner Music UK launches streaming-only record label

wmg logo canvasWarner Music UK has introduced a new label called Artists To Watch Records that will be a streaming-only operation. The new company will seek out songs that have potential to become popular on streaming services and put resources into making them hits.

Kieron Donoghue will lead the new label. Donoghue has been focused on streaming and playlist projects with the major since Warner acquired his Playlists.net company in 2014.

“Kieron has a great perspective on the streaming marketplace and the fact that hit tracks can now come from almost anywhere,” Warner Bros UK President Phil Christie said. Artists To Watch Records will find fresh talent, react quickly and harness the power of streaming to help create big hits.”

Anna Washenko


  1. It would be great to get Donoghue down to Midem for a roundtable or workshop session on this. There was much talk about the importance of playlists two years ago.

  2. the rates have to come up .. if hearing a song is on demand it should be nearly much as the price of a buy, otherwise the industry will continue to die, and artists go direct to public thru social media and the cream will still rise to the top — the artist will circumvent the thieves unless a compromise (higher rates) are achieved.

  3. Yep – would be nice to see Artist pics, etc. on CD Jacket. ????
    Still, interesting news, as Streaming and downloads are part of the IP explosion also. ???

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