Voxnest to distribute first U.S. podcast from Babbel

Voxnest’s Spreaker platform is partnering with language-learning platform Babbel for its first foray into podcasting in the U.S. Multilinguish will explore how language connects people, with a different theme for each episode. New episodes will be published on Tuesdays and Voxnest will be the show’s exclusive distributor.

The podcast will complement Babbel’s existing products for learning a new language. It operates an app and a digital magazine published in eight languages.

“The spoken word is a natural format for Babbel given our focus on getting learners conversational in a new language,’ Babbel CEO Julie Hansen said. “We’re confident that Multilinguish will find an eager audience and appreciate Spreaker’s built-in distribution to numerous platforms. We also benefited from Spreaker’s easy-to-use content management system and robust analytics, all critical to maximizing the impact of our new podcast.”

“Podcasting is the natural medium that builds communities around shared stories and interests,” Voxnest Head of Marketing Tonia Maffeo said. “Babbel has shown how language operates in much the same way, and as we become increasingly globalized, it will be more important to build relationships that revolve around passion points instead of geography so we better understand each other, no matter our backgrounds and culture. Working with Babbel is yet another example of how modern companies use podcasting as a daily routine for their content marketing strategy.”

Anna Washenko