Virtual globe lets you tune into the world’s radio stations

radio-gardenIf you ever wanted to check out what radio stations are playing in Sri Lanka or Casablanca, now you can find out first hand. Radio Garden is an interactive online project that shares stations from around the world. Just spin the digital globe, zoom in on a city, and you’ll see the names of some currently broadcasting stations. Larger cities usually have a couple options, so you can get a better sense of the spectrum. The stations listed appear to be online simulcasts, so if you stumble across a channel that you really like, you can bookmark its website via Radio Garden and find it again.

That’s what you get on the Live section. The History tab shares some stories from the past about international radio crossovers. This project was designed by Studio Moniker and developed by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. It’s a very cool concept that certainly puts a global spin on the idea of radio as a discovery engine.

Anna Washenko

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