Turntable.FM lifts the needle, shutting down for good

turntable show is over 250wIn November we reported that Turntable.FM, the venerable group-listening service, shifted course. Citing licensing advantages, the site focused on a spinoff service that streamed live concerts, called Turntable Live.

Turntable Live has been a quiet or dormant product this year, and founder Billy Chasen has now revealed that the business was shut down in January. Will that statement, Turntable.FM is officially closed in every way.

In his “Shutting Down” blog post, Chasen describes the heartbreak of startup failure, and offers an understated critique of the music industry, “a hard industry to work with.” He calls the process “restrictive,” and implies that the service could not grow globally because of complexities inherent in international music licensing.

With classic entrepreneurial spirit, Chasen promises to “keep building,” and has moved onto a new, non-music startup.

Brad Hill