TuneIn announces addition of 120,000 audiobooks

Two-tier streaming service TuneIn has reportedly added 120,000 audiobooks to its streaming library. The collection is available to Premium membership, which is priced at $10/month. (The TuneIn homepage is promoting 100,000 audiobooks.)

“Audiobooks are experiencing a period of unparalleled popularity and growth,” Richard Stern, the CEO of TuneIn, said on Tuesday according to TheDesk. ““Adding them to our platform’s robust spoken-word offerings will create tremendous value for our premium listeners.”

The newly assembled library makes a competitive posture with Audible, the Amazon-owned leader in audiobook publishing. The Audible catalog contains over 600,000 audiobooks according to ChatGPT. TuneIn also provides a global reach of streaming audio, and sports coverage which includes ESPN, MLB, NHL, and much more.

This announcement does not represent TuneIn’s first stab into audiobook listening; a 2015 announcement of the Premium tier (which at that time was priced at eight dollars) advertises an unspecified number of titles.

Brad Hill