TuneCore picks up new app DropKloud for Artist Services suite

TuneCore canvasTuneCore, the online music distribution and publishing administration platform, announced the acquisition of DropKloud, a location-based app for content delivery. Musicians could use that capability to provide exclusive access to songs, share invitations to special events, or release other material for a specific concert. DropKloud had its beta launch at SXSW this summer. It is projected to relaunch as an exclusive TuneCore Artist Service in spring of 2015.

DropKloud’ cofounders James DeNino and Kedar Frederic will join the TuneCore team working out of a new office in Boston. That site will house a new innovation lab led by the duo and aimed at creating new tools or services for artists under the TuneCore umbrella.

Prior to DropKloud, the latest addition to TuneCore’s Artist Services was YouTube Money, which added the video platform into its suite of monetization options. In the third quarter of 2014, TuneCore paid out more than $32.7 million to artists.

Anna Washenko