Triton 2013 Year in Review: double-digit streaming growth driven by mobile

triton 2013 summary chart 300w

297% streaming growth over five years

As part of its monthly Top 20 Ranker of streaming listenership, Triton Digital‘s December report, released on Tuesday, included a 2013 summary. We’ll post our usual historical and trend analysis of the December metrics on Monday. In the meantime, the 2013 summary gives a portrait of strong year-over-year gains.

Stream listening reached all-time highs in 2013, through the lens of Average Active Sessions (AAS). Measuring domestic streams daytime hours (6am – 7pm) of weekdays, Triton reports a 21% year-over-year rise, and a 297% five-year gain. Expanding the view to global streams for all days, 2013 scored a 19% increase in listenership over 2012.

Back to the weekday measurement, Triton broke out mobile listening from desktop listening. the disparity is revealing: mobile listening grew 41% in 2013, while desktop listening reduced by a single point. Triton predicts that mobile and in-car listening will “continue to skyrocket the tally” going forward.

The 2013 “Insights & Trends” summary, plus the December raw ranking numbers, are here.

Brad Hill