The Nerdist Podcast rebrands as ID10T as Chris Hardwick builds a new geek enterprise

The Nerdist Podcast is getting a new name and a new home. Going forward, it will be called ID10T, with the first episode under the new title airing on Feb. 6. New episodes will become available on Tuesdays and current subscribers won’t need to change their subscriptions or feeds.

Comedian Chris Hardwick launched the podcast in 2010, and it was a cornerstone of what grew into Nerdist Industries. The company was acquired by Legendary Entertainment in 2012, although Hardwick retained ownership of the podcast and its library.

“I realized that Nerdist had gotten to a place where I always wanted it to get to, where it was many voices and they were all much bigger than mine,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “In the back of my head, I thought, ‘you know I’m probably going to have to do the same thing with the podcast someday.'”

He said little else but the name would change. In addition to being the new name of the show, ID10T is also a marketplace for geeky merchandise and will be the banner for a live event.

Art19 will take charge of the hosting and Cadence13 is responsible for its advertising of the re-titled ID10T podcast.

Anna Washenko

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