The “ever-elusive” Gen Z — podcast listening on the rise; friendly to ads

SXM Media, sponsor of an Edison Research study of Gen Z podcast listening, has spilled a substantial amount of information in advance of the official webinar presentation on June 15. (It’s free; register HERE.)

In a recent post, Growing Up with Podcasts: The Gen Z Podcast Listener Report, the premise is that Gen Z is an elusive population group with unique characteristics, and that Gen Z’ers are eager and attentive podcast consumers.

Listenership in this demo is on the rise for at least the second consecutive year of survey work by Edison. An estimated 24-million Gen Z listeners tune into podcasts at least monthly — a 57% increase over five years. Time spent is up also; 58% of the time spent with spoken-word audio is with podcasts — up from only 28% in 2018.

It’s a diverse audience, too, with one in five identifying as Hispanic/Latino, compared to 14% of total listeners. Black and Asian listeners meet the percentages of total monthly listeners.

Engagement is a key finding, and skews young. Among monthly Gen Z listeners, three in four have listened to a podcast in the past week, and younger listeners ages 13 to 17 are even more engaged — 80% have listened in the past week. Binge listening is a thing, with 78% of respondents saying they binge-listen … and if they started listening as children the binge-listening goes up to 88%.

Here’s something: “We’ve seen time and again through research studies that listeners are receptive to podcast ads and that they actually take action after hearing them,” the article says. Importantly, 43% of 16+ Gen Z listeners have purchased a product after hearing it advertised in a podcast. Just as many younger listeners have asked someone to buy a podcast-advertised product for them.

Lots ore in this generous leak of the upcoming webinar, HERE.

Brad Hill