TagStation unveils Dial Report platform for targeted radio advertising

TagStation has released a new Dial Report, a collection of first-party radio station advertising data and smartphone user data. The platform measures more than 250 demographic, behavioral and listening data points in near real-time, allowing segmentation of the FM radio audience for precise audience targeting by advertisers. It can help direct advertising by age, gender, ethnicity, education, income, purchase intent and more. Dial Report pulls from a range of radio sources, including the NextRadio smartphone app operated by TagStation.

“We’re excited to offer brands unprecedented insight into radio listener behavior and campaign performance with our new Dial Report platform,” TagStation President Paul Brenner said. “Contrary to perception, radio is alive and well, and continues to prove itself as a profitable and effective marketing medium. We’re proud to develop a solution that reveals fresh intelligence to help brands optimize the medium’s potential and defend the ROI of radio.”

Anna Washenko