Survey: A quarter of Saudi Arabian adults have listened to podcasts

Research company markettiers MENA shared some insights into the emerging podcast market in Saudi Arabia. The survey found that there are 5.1 million adult podcast listeners in the country, or 23% of the population. The weekly listening cohort is 15% of Saudi Arabia’s population.

The company found higher rates of podcast fandom among Saudi women, with 21% calling themselves regular listeners compared with 11% of men. Of those female listeners, 69% said they valued having content meeting their specific interests. Sixty-one percent said they liked being able to listen while doing other tasks and 49% said they enjoyed the medium’s storytelling nature.

Cheryl King, managing director of markettiers MENA, said that Saudi Arabia offered a “huge relatively untapped opportunity that exists for brands to engage with connected audiences in a powerful way.”

Anna Washenko