Stitcher 2018 infographic details large listening numbers

Stitcher released a year in review report with some highlights from 2018. The infographic (see below) showed that 13,479 people listened all 365 days of the year. A dedicated 101 people listened to more than 12 hours a day of Stitcher programming. Stitcher Premium members saved an average of 774,266 hours by not hearing advertisements. Listeners tuned in to more than 35.3 million hours of comedy podcasts and more than 18.7 million hours of true crime shows.

The year included new podcast releases such as Marvel’s Wolverine: The Long Night, Sold in America, and Unladylike. Some of Stitcher’s shows have legions of dedicated fans, with hundreds of thousands of people never missing an episode of My Favorite Murder, Today Explained, and Freakonomics Radio.

Anna Washenko