Spotify’s chief researcher Will Page to keynote RAIN Summit Europe (London, November 4)

will page banner

RAIN Enterprises is pleased to announce that Will Page, Chief Economist at Spotify, is a confirmed keynote speaker at RAIN Summit Europe, November 4 in London.

Will Page’s background has found a unique intersection of music, analytics, and economics. Before spotify, Page’s career roles included Chief Economist at PRS for Music from 2006 to 2012), journalist at music magazine Straight No Chaser, and an economist for the Scottish government from 2002 to 2006.

At Spotify, Will Page has presented new insights on Spotify’s success in The Netherlands and its impact on music piracy, revealed how hits happen in a digital age and demonstrated the long tail effect on both downloads and streaming. His work has been covered in the Financial Times, The Economist and all major broadsheets and blogs.

RAIN Summit Europe is the largest meetup of Internet radio and online audio professionals. Hosted by RAIN News Founder Kurt Hanson and CEO Jennifer Lane, RAIN Summits are the premiere educational and networking conferences for the digital audio industry.

Brad Hill