Spotify Twitter-kicked Beats Music when it was down, then hid the evidence

Spotify Beats tweetsA social manager gone rogue? Drunk tweeting? We don’t know, but Mashable was keeping a sharp eye on Spotify’s Twitter feed during the couple of days last week when Beats Music was down and out with connection problems.

As documented by Mashable, whoever was tweeting Spotify’s official account was publicly leaping on #beatsmusic complaints, soliciting direct messages, and inducing switch-overs with vague inducements. The Twitter jabs occurred on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, when Beats Music was suffering launch pains related to excessive demand. Beats CEO Ian Rogers issued an apology, stopped accepting new sign-ups, and extended everyone’s 7-day trial period by a week. Our testing has shown a fully recovered service since Friday.

Checking Spotify’s Twitter feed today, the opportunistic behavior documented by Mashable has been deleted — we’re guessing as a result of a sensible top-down directive.

As some social managers learn the hard way, playing smallball is not the way to go.

Brad Hill