SoundCloud refreshes iOS app, adds playlisting

soundcloud iosSoundcloud joins the year-end rush of app updates with an adjustment to its IOS app (iPhone only; iPad promised for next year). Playlisting has been added.

Not much of an update? Well, playlisting has been a sorely missing feature on the iOS side since June, when the current ultra-simple app was launched. Now, users can add tracks to an existing playlist or start a new playlist, both of which were missing before.

The SoundCloud iPhone app is a marvel of simplicity that was built to be operable with one thumb. It was designed to make casual listening extremely easy. While achieving that goal, the missing features displeased some users. For those users, it has been a long wait since June. The new iOS app brings playlisting to parity with the Android app.

Soundcloud received $60-million in venture funding in January, and declared itself the “YouTube of audio.” This week, the company was reportedly negotiating another funding round of $150-million, bringing its valuation to $1.2-billion. Soundcloud has been in license negotiations with major record labels for several months.

Brad Hill